Dual Monitors 4K Ultra HD Palm Size

Dual Monitors 4K Ultra HD Palm Size

2-Port / 4-Port DisplayPort 1.2 Dual Monitors USB KVM Switch w/ Audio & Mic

True Transparent USB Emulation Technology for Keyboards and Mouse


The AB-5512P / AB-5514P is a 2-port// 4-port dual monitors USB KVM switch designed for sharing two or four flat panel displays via a multimedia computer.. Its audio and mic switching feature gives you an uninterrupted audio experience that maximizes your multimedia application with KVM operation.. The DisplayPort version 1.2 technology provides a sufficient bandwidth that is demanded by 4K ultra--high definition display..


Audio and microphone switching offers uninterrupted multimedia experience

The audio and microphone switching function of A B -5512P//AA B -5514P allows you to leverage the multimedia systems on each of your two or four computers.. You can monitor the audio// mic input// output of each computer without plugging on and off the audio//mmi c cables.. User can also choose to use either independent// simultaneous switching of both PC port and audio// microphone port for their maximum convenience.. Furthermore,, it offers you user--pprogrammable simultaneous// independent PC and audio//mmic switching function for flexible multimedia and KVM switching operation..


True Transparent USB Emulation for all advanced keyboards and mice

With the TTU Emulation Technology,, which embodies itself within a new ASIC chip,, the A B -5512P//AA B -5514P DisplayPort Dual Monitors USB KVM Switch is capable of a complete versatility in dealing with the functional requirements of all types of advanced keyboards and mice.. No matter users are using gaming mice or gaming keypads for high performance in exciting gaming sessions,, or they are using same advanced keyboards and mice in other high--pprofile computer maneuvering actions,, they can always appreciate what the TTU technology can do for them a smooth and faithful emulation that not only duplicate all the functionalities of that keyboard and mouse,, but also stabilize the switching actions with a impressive switching speed..


4K for excellent image quality

4K Ultra HD delivers four times the Full HD quality which means more sharply detailed images can be displayed but also less visible pixel appeared. It perfectly applies in the field of graphic design or exhibition, such as CAD/CCAM or demo room. These reasons results in the market of 4K-enabled computers and displays are growing gradually. In order of meet the demand for 4K video streaming, the A B 512/5514 is fully supported the specification of DisplayPort 1.2. Moreover, the backward compatibly is supported as well



2--pport// 4--pport Dual Monitors DisplayPort USB KVM Switch w// audio & mic

True Transparent USB (TTTU)) emulation technology for any keyboard and mouse

Support dua l monitor//fflat panel display both on console and remote

2 extra USB 2.0 device port for high--sspeed USB device sharing

Independent peripheral switching configurable by hotkeys

2 channel stereo sound for theater audio experience

Simultaneous//iindependent switching of audio// device// PC ports

Resolution support up to 3840 x 2160

Full driver support for all types of USB keyboards and mice

Port selection by push buttons and keyboard hotkeys

Multi--pplatform support PCs and Macintosh

Status LED display for easy port status monitoring

Buzzer sound for port switching confirmation

Metal enclosure for best shielding and protection